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Soft N Cool Paper Maxi Roll Auto Cut 1 Ply 6 Pieces-150
*This "Autocut" Maxi roll is only to be used on the Automatic Dispensers. Buying in bulk is the economical choice for your business, restaurant, or school. Individually wrapped and affordable, you can stock up on this tissue paper to place...
8.500 BD 7.700 BD
1 pieces Soft N Cool Paper Auto - Cut Dispenser
Offering hands-free paper towel dispensing is one of the easiest steps you can take to improve sanitation in your business! its simple load-and-go structure makes it easy to replace empty rolls of towels and maintain the dispenser. This allows guests...
20.900 BD
1 Pieces C/Z Fold Paper Dispenser Large
A great addition to your commercial restroom, this Hotpack C/Z Fold towel dispenser offers long lasting durability and high capacity. Its symmetrical design makes it a pleasant addition to any environment, and helps prevent the towels from bunching or clumping....
6.600 BD
1 Piece Maxi Roll Dispenser With Tight Hole
The Hotpack Soft ‘n’ Cool center pull dispenser is designed to reduce maintenance costs and provide a hygienic commercial washroom environment. With its center pull design and adjustable tension nozzle, it dispenses single sheets of paper towels to help minimize...
7.700 BD


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